The Calvin Harris Experience

Premiere: January 13, 2023

The Challenge: A Metaverse Debut

Calvin Harris is an internationally renowned producer, songwriter, and DJ. He has played the world’s largest stages and festivals, amassing a number of chart-topping hits. As the leader in virtual entertainment, Wave’s challenge was to take Calvin’s extensive body of work – spanning decades of material – and create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable immersive experience. This would be the first time Calvin’s fans from around the globe would see him perform center stage live as an avatar in the metaverse.

Below, is initial concept art developed in close partnership with Calvin’s creative team. We wanted the experience to feel transcendent, magical, imaginative and epic. We developed the show creative around visually-arresting environmental elements such as celestial sea life, shapeshifting elements, complex geometries, and bioluminescence.

Creative Idea: A First-of-its-Kind Virtual Concert

To ensure that Calvin Harris’s debut concert in the metaverse was unforgettable, we collaborated with industry leaders PICO VR and TikTok to create a groundbreaking virtual concert experience that seamlessly blended music, gaming, and live broadcasting technology. The show was unique in that it was produced in real time and fully interactive, and simulcasted globally on both TikTok LIVE (in 2D) and Pico VR headsets (in 3D). Our team of digital artists, creative technologists, and engineers pushed the limits of what was possible with Unreal Engine, designing a virtual world for Calvin that was filled with breathtaking 3D designs and captivating set pieces. By utilizing real-time motion capture technology, we were able to bring Calvin’s virtual avatar to life and create interactive moments that allowed fans to engage with him and shape the show in real time.

Below, is one of the hero AV pieces of the marketing campaign that debuted when the show was announced on January 3, 2023. This piece was crafted using Unreal Engine and gave fans a first glimpse of Calvin’s avatar and his virtual world.

Fan Outreach: A New Way to Experience Music

Our marketing challenge was to generate interest and excitement for the show and motivate fans to embrace a revolutionary new way of experiencing live music. The campaign strategy was centered on a holistic approach that harnessed the combined promotional power of Wave, TikTok, and PICO while leveraging attention-grabbing creative assets that teased the immersive world of Calvin Harris’ metaverse. Assets were released over a period of 10 days, carefully crafted to pique the curiosity and anticipation of fans without revealing everything. This approach not only generated buzz and excitement but also created a sense of exclusivity and intrigue that set the stage for a truly groundbreaking and immersive music experience.

The heart of the campaign was our creative assets built using the cutting-edge graphics technology of Unreal Engine. To create our eye-catching pieces, Wave teamed up with virtual production company Strangeloop Studios, known for their work with music giants such as The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. The specific approach was to drop tantalizing hints, revealing snippets of information about the music and stunning environments that would serve as the backdrop for Calvin’s first performance in the metaverse.

Below, is a teaser AV piece that revealed a hero environment from Calvin’s show, giving fans more of a glimpse into his stage setup and potential setlist.


The Show: A Mad Party in the Virtual Universe

The highly anticipated debut of The Calvin Harris Experience took place on January 13, 2023, premiering on PICO VR headsets in Europe and Asia, as well as a simultaneous global broadcast on TikTok LIVE. For 50 minutes, fans were transported into an epic virtual rave with front row access to the unforgettable performance. Guided by Calvin’s virtual avatar, they embarked on a musical journey through his virtual universe, complete with stunning audiovisuals in a nature-inspired luminous world. With the power to influence the show, fans could light up the night sky, receive personal shoutouts, and even join Calvin on his virtual stage, making the experience truly interactive and immersive.

Below, is an AV trailer showcasing the best moments from the show.

The Results

Engaged Fans, a "First" for Calvin, and Pulling the Future Forward for Music

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